Quality Job Access for Rural America


Forging Public-Private Partnerships for Catalytic Job Growth in Rural America



RDP will use its allocation of New Markets Tax Credits to:

  • Provide incentives for investment in rural businesses located in low-income and financially distressed rural communities.
  • Reduce interest rates and/or provide other preferential terms for credit provided to rural businesses located in low-income and financial distressed rural communities.


The focus of RDP is on operating businesses that create significant, high quality jobs that are accessible to Low-Income Persons (LIP) or residents of Low-Income Communities in rural, highly distressed areas. Preference will be given to manufacturing, distribution and processing businesses as well as businesses that serve rural food deserts with fresh and healthy foods.

Rural Development Partners Core Competencies

Rural Development Partners (RDP) leverages its Core Competencies to build public-private partnerships for catalytic job growth in rural America through the following strategies:

  1. Strategic Execution: Rural Development Partners’ strategic focus and nimble organization structure drive high quality and efficient decisions. RDP’s credit experience, policies, and operational controls result in positive client experiences.
  2. Community Engagement: Rural Development Partners interviews community members, commissions impact studies, develops local community advisory boards and forges public-private partnerships – all with the goal of engaging the community as partners in maximizing the impact of NMTC projects.
  3. Communicating the Complex: The Rural Development Partners team members, together with RDP’s outside impact partners, leverage their backgrounds in education, relationship lending, marketing, data management, and impact reporting to present complex value propositions and project impacts in clear and memorable ways.

Rural Development Partners Core Values

Rural Development Partners (RDP) uses its Core Values to find solutions to navigate the complex challenges of the NMTC industry:

  1. Honesty: Rural Development Partners values honesty and transparency in our business dealings. We mean what we say, and we say what we mean.
  2. Integrity: The Rural Development Partners team works to continually maintain the integrity of its internal operations and external client services - making the complex comprehensible for all stakeholders throughout the project life cycle.
  3. Prioritizing People: Rural Development Partners views organizations and NMTC projects as people serving people. Programs and strategies are the tools, but success comes when dedicated, caring people find innovative ways to create value for the benefit of their fellow citizens.
  4. Building Relationships: Rural Development Partners cares about building strong mutually beneficial relationships with clients and community members on every project. RDP leverages the power of public-private partnerships to drive catalytic impact and to effectively meet the prioritized and previously unmet needs of stakeholder communities.
  5. Maximizing Impact:  Rural Development Partners prioritizes qualitative and quantitative impact. RDP is committed to creating, measuring, and sharing impact with all stakeholders, driving a transparent feedback loop that maximizes total project impact.
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  • What is RDP?

    As a CDE with a national service area, RDP is eligible to apply for an annual allocation of Federal New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs). From 2004 through 2023, RDP has won twelve NMTC awards from the U.S. Treasury totaling $751.7 million. RDP works to combine NMTCs with bank loans and tax credit investor funds to create more favorable financing solutions than are available through conventional lending and investing. To date, RDP has used NMTC financing to help 50 businesses and nonprofits across the nation complete projects that provide access to quality jobs and healthy foods. View our Impact

    RDP seeks to serve and partner with businesses, non-profit organizations, communities, and government entities that share its mission to build public-private partnerships for catalytic job growth in rural America.

    To learn more about partnering with RDP, check out the RDP Lead Guide.



    Our Owners

    RDP is a Community Development Entity (CDE) with a mission to Revitalize Rural America through partnerships with communities, businesses, and government (see About). RDP is owned by Ag Ventures Alliance (AgVA) and AgVA Foundation

    In 1998, a group of farmers and others who cared about the future of agriculture formed AgVA as a cooperative to create and sustain value-added agriculture businesses. AgVA Foundation donates and provides grants to individuals and organizations working to promote agriculture and ag business.

    AgVA saw NMTCs as an opportunity to serve a rural mission parallel to its own. From this opportunity, RDP was formed in 2004 to serve the mission of Revitalizing Rural America. RDP distributes earnings beyond its operational needs to AgVA and AgVA Foundation, and these two entities reinvest or donate to further value-added ag businesses in America.

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