Atlanta Community Food Bank

Industry: Food Bank Distribution RDP Investment: $21 million Launched: September 2018

East Point, GA – RDP partnered with The Reinvestment Fund, Kroger, and PNC Bank to provide the Food Bank $46MM in New Markets Tax Credit Financing to construct and operate a new 345,000 SF warehouse and distribution facility in East Point, GA.

Community Impact of NMTC investment

NMTC Investment Expansion ACFB Food Bank Impact Data

The new facility will allow the Food Bank to double its distribution of food to those in need with 70,000 SF of new refrigerator space, quadrupling the amount of fresh produce storage space available.


Atlanta Community Food Bank

ACFB partners with nearly 700 community-based nonprofit organizations serving food insecure people in low-income communities. Food insecurity is spread across all demographic groups in ACFB’s service area; families with children account for more than 60% of the food insecure population and 68% of the unmet need.

ACFB distressed food desert food distribution

Working families also make up the majority of the food insecure population. Almost 60% of food insecure households include someone working outside the home and 93% live in permanent housing. The working poor are the new face of hunger in ACFB’s service area.

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RDP Impact

72 new full time employees
168 employees retained
275 construction jobs
900,000 low-income/low-food-access people served annually!

ACFB Goals by Year 2025
-Distribute 115 million meals per year (doubling the current distribution)
-Increase access to healthy foods by sourcing 50 million pounds of fresh produce a year

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