Audubon Metals Texas LLC

Industry: Manufacturing RDP Investment: $14 million Launched: December 2020

Corsicana, TX – RDP allocated $14MM in New Markets Tax Credits to help Audubon Metals Texas LLC expand operations to Corsicana, TX, creating quality jobs in a rural qualified region while mitigating financial risk amid economic uncertainty that was exacerbated by the COVID pandemic. This NMTC allocation was used to help finance real estate, construction, and equipment for the new 157,970 SF Zorba manufacturing facility.

“Rural Development Partners is excited to help Audubon Metals bring quality jobs and workforce training opportunities to Corsicana, TX. This is great news for the local workforce and the community as a whole. Furthermore, we see Audubon’s expansion directly spurring additional private investment in the industrial park.” – Jonathan Klaassen, RDP CEO

Audubon Metals serves as the anchor tenant for the South I-45 Business Park in Corsicana, creating 181 high quality jobs, 86 construction jobs, and spurring catalytic growth in a rural region ready for opportunity. 79% of the new jobs created are accessible to low-income persons with a high school degree or equivalent, and every job has strong wages with a full suite of benefits. The company received vast community support in anticipation of the additional private investment this relationship brings to Corsicana and the surrounding area.

Audubon Metals broke ground on their new  facility June 1, 2020, and construction was complete July 15, 2021. Audubon Metals recycles Zorba (automobile residue) for production of secondary aluminum alloys for die castings. The new Texas facility allowed the company to expand and support specification alloy supply to the surrounding Texas/Southern US/Midwest US markets, in addition to the Mexican market.

Audubon Metals LLC has operated a facility in Henderson, Kentucky for more than two decades, recycling metals for end-use consumers. The metals are separated and then the aluminum portion is melted to create specification secondary aluminum alloys. Audubon is a subsidiary of Koch Enterprises, a 150-year-old company with six companies in its portfolio.

“Audubon Metals LLC is pleased to be in partnership with the City of Corsicana, Texas. We look forward to contributing to growth in the City and in Navarro County. Audubon Metals is excited to put our core values to work for the good of our employees and our community. We appreciate the Community Investment Programs made available by Rural Development Partners that will make this greenfield expansion possible.”  – Brian Hawkes, Audubon Metals President

RDP’s Community Investment Program

Audubon Metals has earned a reputation of strong community engagement by providing widespread support to organizations and educational institutions alike which has carried through to the Corsicana community. RDP’s Community Investment Program (CIP), jointly funded by Audubon Metals, targeted local workforce development initiatives identified by Corsicana community leaders. $140,000 matching funds grant from RDP and Audubon Metals, catalyzed workforce development initiatives vital for economic growth in the region. Corsicana High School and Navarro College created a dual-credit IMT certification program which provides the skilled workforce industries seek, while giving residents the education needed for a successful career. $17K was allocated to provide “last dollar” scholarships through Navarro College Foundation to help IMT dual credit students cover tuition. This great video tells the Corsicana community’s story…

RDP Impact

*181 high quality jobs
* 86 construction jobs

*Workforce Development Opportunities
*Catalytic Economic Growth


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