Coastal Carolina Clean Power

Industry: Forestry Renewable Energy RDP Investment: $15 million Launched: September 2010

Kenansville, NC – Kenansville was originally developed and constructed as a coal-fired generating facility. A later owner intended to convert Kenansville from a coal-fired facility to a biomass-fired facility.

In June 2006, Riverstone acquired Kenansville from Hudson United and formed CCCP to hold the asset. While previous attempts had been made to operate the facility on biomass fuel, Riverstone and Topaz determined that the plant’s reliability using biomass fuel could only be assured by investing the capital necessary to perform a comprehensive conversion. While executing the conversion to biomass, CCCP received approval from the North Carolina Utility Commission in June 2008 for Kenansville to become the first plant in the state authorized to generate and sell Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”) under the recently adopted Renewable Portfolio Standard (“RPS”).

With the conversion to biomass and the REC authorization, CCCP was able to successfully negotiate a renewable PPA with Progress for all of the plant’s electrical output through 2014.

The current owners, with management services now provided by Topaz, have made great strides in redesigning the facility to function properly with a biomass feedstock. Without NMTC financing, improvements could only be funded by internal cash flows, which could take several years to accomplish.

RDP’s Community Investment Program

Rural Development Partners partnered with CCCP to provide a $34,000 grant toward workforce and community development initiatives. $26,500 helped fund a Veteran’s assistance program, and $7,500 financed the purchase of technology equipment to expand educational opportunities that enhance workforce development at Forest School.

RDP Impact

24 direct positions
100-150 indirect positions due to resulting economic development

Green Fuel:
60% green fuel chips 25% railroad ties
10% hogged fuel (miscellaneous unadulterated wood)
5% other

If not for this allocation, completion of this project would have taken longer and delayed conversion of two additional coal-fired plants.


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