DOT Foods

Industry: Food Distribution RDP Investment: $11.4 million Launched: December 2013

Dot Foods, the nation’s largest food redistributor, utilized an allocation of $11.4 million from RDP to construct a new 167,000 square foot warehouse facility, separate maintenance facility and garage for the company’s trucking fleet. The warehouse, the first in Tennessee for Dot Foods, will offer food storage at three temperatures: dry, frozen and refrigerated. Dot Foods purchases full truckloads of products and consolidates these products in distribution centers for redistribution at less-than-truckload quantities to food distributors. This new center will service more than 600 customers in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Dyer County is a manufacturing-based county, with 26% of all jobs tied to manufacturing. In the past three years, this area has lost more than 3,000 manufacturing jobs with the closing of three large employers. The new Dot Foods facility will create 160 direct, permanent jobs.

Without NMTC investment, this project would not have happened. This facility brings 160 new permanent jobs to an area that has lost more than 3,000 jobs in the past three years.

RDP Impact

157 direct, permanent, full time jobs
163 full time equivalent construction jobs
127 full time indirect jobs from company spending at local businesses

Environmental impacts
- the entire company fleet saves 3085 gallons of fuel annually through the use of bio diesel
- driver incentives for 60 mph driving
- efficient lighting & motion sensors

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