DOT Foods

Industry: Food Distribution RDP Investment: $11.4 million Launched: December 2013

Dyersburg, TN – Dot Foods, the nation’s largest food distributor, revitalized a rural community that lost more than 3,000 manufacturing jobs between 2010-2013. The company partnered with RDP for $11.4MM in NMTC allocation to construct a new 167,000 square foot warehouse facility and garage for their trucking fleet. The new facility serves as a logistics hub for the southern U.S. (AL, AR, FL, KY, LA, MS, TN), giving the ability to streamline operations for timely, cost-effective food shipments to more than 600 customers while improving support to the regional agricultural base.


The Dyersburg operation helps support a small peripheral economy of its own, spurring economic revitalization through their use of many local businesses for Dot’s operational needs. At least 270 new indirect jobs were created in 2017-2018, also influencing the expansion of a fabricating business that constructed a new manufacturing complex to meet increased consumer demand. Dot utilizes local businesses for steel rack systems, fuel, tires, catering, medical, and overnight accommodations, with a ripple effect in expansion of housing and other local servicesan economic boom for the Dyersburg community.

RDP’s Community Investment Program

In 2015, RDP and Dot provided a matching grant of $114,000 to the local Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT), establishing a new truck driving certification program at its Newbern campus. The 9-week program was held in the evening to allow students to continue to work during their training. The Program helps local students find high paying jobs at trucking companies, including Dot; job placement rate is nearly 100%. 210 students attended the CDL program between Sept 2015 – Jan 2022. Dot guaranteed eligible graduates of the program a starting salary of at least $55,000.

Six years after the NMTC investment in Dot, the Dyersburg community finds itself on improved footing. According to community interviews and economic indicators, Dot’s entry into Dyersburg catalyzed an economic ripple effect extending well beyond the facility itself.



RDP Impact

*380 jobs created including 130 truck driving jobs
*175 construction jobs
*270 new indirect jobs created

Other Impacts
- Dot Catalyzed Economic Ripple in Community
- $114K Matching RDP/DOT Grant to local college for Truck Driving Certification Program
- 210 Students attended CDL Classes
- 70,000 lbs/food donated to pantries during COVID


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