Industry: Renewable Energy RDP Investment: $10 million Launched: December 2009

Pepe’ekeo, HI – This project involves the transformation of former sugar plantation land into a eucalyptus plantation, the construction of a new, state-of-the-art veneer mill and the conversion to biomass fuel of two oil-fired electric generation plants. This project realizes economic goals of the state of Hawaii to revitalize the economy and environment.

The Tradewinds Veneer Mill constructed will create approximately 75 construction jobs and once complete, will employ 100 people. An additional 60 jobs for logging contractors will be created and the mill will process 250,000 cubic meters of timber per year.

In addition to the veneer mill, the mill will supply biomass to two electric generation plants to convert oil into biomass fuel.



RDP Impact

100 new mill positions
60 logging positions
75 construction jobs
Green biomass to fuel generator

Project creates new demand for timber in an area severely depressed by the loss of the sugar industry.

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