Westervelt Pellets

Industry: Forestry Renewable Energy RDP Investment: $22 million Launched: August 2012

Aliceville, AL – Westervelt Company received $55.5 million in NMTCs from Rural Development Partners, WNC and Associates, Wells Fargo Bank N.A., and CEI for the construction of a $71 million wood pellet manufacturing facility. This facility, Westervelt Pellets, created over 669 temporary construction jobs and 273 permanent jobs in a region where poverty was at 27 percent. The project also provides a source of renewable energy, beneficial for the environment. Wood pellets burn with a carbon footprint significantly less than that produced by burning coal, making it a sought-after renewable energy source.

The facility was completed in 2013 and expected to generate more than $37 million in annual revenue from the sale of wood pellets, increasing business for local timber and trucking companies.

RDP’s Community Investment Program

As an added benefit to impact this rural community, Rural Development Partners and Westervelt Pellets awarded a $215,000 matching funds grant toward community initiatives.

$95,000 was used to purchase equipment and improve training for several regional volunteer fire departments.

$120,000 was used toward a multi-purpose pavilion, serving the community as an activity center with an emphasis on wellness. A variety of health and wellness activities take place at the pavilion including the Farmers Market and healthy cooking classes to encourage healthy eating, walking clubs, outdoor Yoga/Zumba classes, movie night in the park, and a host of other community focused activities.

RDP Impact

114 Direct Jobs Created
159 Jobs Created through Economic Impact of the Project
669 Construction Jobs

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