Community Investment Program

The RDP New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Division utilizes federal tax incentives to unite thriving businesses with rural communities that are ready to embrace economic growth. The new business causes excitement in the community – creating jobs, momentum, and hope.

In addition to providing and administering the tax credit, RDP builds a team of community partners consisting of representatives from the new business, local economic development leaders, educators, local government, and non-profit organizations. The group focuses on helping the community take full advantage of the new opportunities created by the new business investment.

The group designs a solution that is implemented through a community impact plan (CIP) project. The NMTC business invests in the project budget, RDP provides a matching investment, and all the community partners work together to make the project a success. Every CIP project is unique to the joint needs of the NMTC business and the community.

Many CIP projects are focused on helping residents obtain the necessary job training to fill the quality jobs offered at the new business. CIP plans could be used to fund educational initiatives, launch new training programs, or enhance transportation options for commuters. CIPs are flexible enough to work with whatever opportunity will bring momentum, hope, and results to the business and the community. In addition to the CIP results, the CIP process itself opens communication paths and deepens relationships amongst a group of people with the power to continue revitalizing the rural community.