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RDP is a Community Development Entity (CDE) with a mission to Revitalize Rural America through partnerships with communities, businesses, and government (see About). RDP is owned by Ag Ventures Alliance (AgVA) and AgVA Foundation www.agventuresalliance.com.

In 1998, a group of farmers and others who cared about the future of agriculture formed AgVA as a cooperative to create and sustain value-added agriculture businesses. AgVA Foundation donates and provides grants to individuals and organizations working to promote agriculture and ag business.

AgVA saw NMTCs as an opportunity to serve a rural mission parallel to its own. From this opportunity, RDP was formed in 2004 to serve the mission of Revitalizing Rural America. RDP distributes earnings beyond its operational needs to AgVA and AgVA Foundation, and these two entities reinvest or donate to further value-added ag businesses in America.